Graphic Novels – Beguiling Recommendations


PROFESSOR’S DAUGHTER. This beautiful new graphic novel is,

technically, about an ancient Egyptian mummy who falls in love with

the daughter of the professor who discovered his tomb. Underneath all

that fun stuff, however, is a story about father/son conflicts,

fighting against the norm in society, and the difficulty of keeping a

relationship alive. Excellent work by two of our favourite French

creators, Joan Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert.


GARAGE BAND. One of our favourite graphic novels of the year, GARAGE

BAND is about nothing and everything. Four teens decide they’re going

to start a band. Over the course of a summer, they share their dreams

and practice on their parent’s garages. Honest and realistic, the

boys are, of course, unsuccessful, but that’s not the point. The

point is, it offered them something that they didn’t have before;

hopes and dreams. A lovely, meditative work by one of the most

exciting creators to come out of Europe in a long, long time.


CIVIL WAR. The big superhero event of the year, Marvel’s huge 7 issue

mini-series event is fun, mindless action-movie stuff, beautifully

illustrated by Canadian Steve McNiven. Civil War centers around what

would happen to Marvel superheroes if they were required by law to

register and train with the government, rather than act as

vigilantes. Of course, not all agree with this new policy, and sides

are drawn. There’s even a not-so-subtle knock at the Bush

administration’s political policies and erosion of civil rights,

(beneath all the explosions).


HOUDINI: THE HANDCUFF KING. The first graphic novel to come out of

James Sturm’s wonderful new CENTRE FOR CARTOON STUDIES, this

innovative biography of the iconic escape artist is a brilliant

example of what can be achieved with graphic novel: well told stories

about interesting people. .



devastating new manga tackles the somewhat taboo topics of survivor’s

guilt and generational genocide in two moving short stories centering

around the after-effects of the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Illustrated in a breezy, deceptively simple shojou manga style, this

important book will have you in tears by its end.


PLAIN JANES. The first book in DC comics new Minx line (a line of

titles created by and for teenage girls). Written by YA novelist

Cecil Castellucci (Boy Proof, The Queen of Cool) and illustrated by

indy comics star, Jim Rugg, THE PLAIN JANES centers around a group of

outcast teens who band together to form a guerrilla art society.

and finally…


FRANK MILLER’S 300. As predicted in our last mailing, 300, the movie

and the comic, did in fact blow the socks off of everyone. And thanks

to the box office success of the film adaptation, every boy on the

planet is now running around in red Speedos and screaming (in slow

motion) at the top of their lungs.

Thanks for reading,

Jason Azzopardi

(The Beguiling Bookstore)

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