African Heritage Month TDSB Calendar


         1 Harriet Tubman  2 Mary Ann Shadd  3Nelson Mandela
 4 Afeni Shakur  5 Eldridge Cleaver  6 Wangari Matthai  7 Malcolm X  8 Alice Walker  9 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  10 Dr. Afua Cooper
 11 Olivier LeJeune  12 Marie Josepth Angelique  13 Jean Michel Basquiat  14 Joe Arroyo/ Celia Cruz 15 Governor General Michealle Jean  16 Mathieu Da Costa  17 Bessie Smith
 18 George Washingon Carver  19 Eugenia Charles  20 Marcus Garvey  21Viola Desmond/ Rosa Parks  22 LT Governor General Lincoln Alexander  23 Fran Endicott  24 Senator Barak Obama
25 Senator Anne Cools 26 Jackie Robinson/ Muhammed Ali/ Justin Fashanu 27 Sojourner Truth 28 Oscar Peterson 29 Mame Madior Boye    

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