MEGA issue!

Hey! We at Word would like to know…

2 responses to “MEGA issue!

  1. Well it looks like you have some editorial input to offer and some of your suggestions are pretty interesting. Feel free to join the staff of Word, they’d love to have another volunteer. I spoke to Jessica, one of the editors and she said she’d love to have someone who wants to report on Real News. Most of the writers they have now just want to put in opinion pieces. Word staff meet on Thursdays at lunch in room 209 at 12 noon. Come and join!

  2. Ezio Auditore

    This poll is really lame and not thought provoking. i always see lame stuff come from word. as students you should know what students are into. not sex or drugs but maybe you could’ve wrote an article about the school getting hit with a car (when it happened) or maybe an article about a suspension from the students perspective. or call out bullies. your articles are really boring, your newspaper is poorly laid out and “word” has no character. this is rude but had to be said.

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