This is the webpage 0f the Douglas R. Scott Library at York Mills Collegiate in Toronto, Canada. This page was created by Kathy Kawasaki, who retired in January, 2010.   Nevil Keogh,  new head of library, manages this page and can be reached at nevil.keogh@tdsb.on.ca. We are open from 8:20 a.m. until 4 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. and 8:20 to 3:00 on Fridays.

Douglas R. Scott Library

Did you know School Libraries Impact Student Achievement?

Studies by Prof. Keith Curry Lance in multiple US states over a 12-year period have shown that the better the school library, the better the students’ test scores in that school. Browse the Colorado webpage to look at the results HERE.

Our teacher-librarians, Mr. Keogh, Ms. Howell, and Ms. Carbrey, are committed to helping students acquire the research skills needed to help them succeed in an information age. They are also dedicated to helping students develop a love of literature and develop self-knowledge through reading great books.  Ms. Carbrey is the staff advisor for peer tutoring.

We have two helpful Library Assistants, Ms. Hiebert,  staff advisor for the award-winning York Mills Stage Crew and  Ms. McLaren, a marketing whiz.

Our library helpers are a group of students who help their peers to find and sign out resources, who re-shelve our books and who meet once a month for a pizza lunch! The Head Helpers this year are Hyo-Geong Park and Jason Song.

Doug Scott retired from the TDSB at the end of January, 2007, after 41 years of teaching . The York Mills principal was honoured by staff for his commitment to students. Our York Mills Library was proudly renamed the Douglas R. Scott Library.

Douglas R. Scott

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  1. we miss you Ms.Kawasaki!

  2. do we have the book “no fear shakespeare “?

  3. Jerry Anderson

    HI there,

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  5. Dear Ron,
    Send a note to Mrs. Couch (office administrator) at yorkmills@tdsb.on.ca Indicate whom you would like to contact and she will forward your request to that teacher who may answer you.

  6. How do I contact retired teachers from York Mills. I graduated in 1977

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