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WHAT IS A LIBRARY DATABASE? A searchable online collection of magazine, journal & newspaper articles.  Libraries pay the subscription fee for you and the passwords are in your agenda.

What information do you need?

Canadian NEWS








Media & Music


  • J-Stor Journal Articles (at school only)


Social Science


112 responses to “Databases

  1. HI Tina,
    Almost any database will do for “simple factual articles.” Maybe E-Library would be best or you could try Knowledge Ontario .

  2. what data base should i use to research for factual articles that are related to shock treatments for mental illness??

  3. Brian Linaksita

    best website ever.

  4. To be honest, we have such a good collection of books on this topic that I haven’t tried to use databases. There are some recommended sites on the YM wiki page for the Painting courses and lots of links on the Visual Arts Department Page on the School website –

  5. Which databases can I use for Art History?

  6. Yes, of course. Just use the databases page (it has special links built-in.) The passwords are on p. 12 in your agenda.

  7. is it possible to access the databases from home?

  8. Sorry John, I can’t post the password here and I’m sorry I got your message too late to send it to you directly in time for Monday. However, there seems to be a problem with the link so I’ll have to check it out on Monday morning. Bye for now. Mr. Keogh

  9. Was the password for pages of the past changed? is there any way i can get this new password over the weekend? Thanks.

  10. Gosh, This is not an easy question. Copyright depends on the eventual use of the information. Customarily, if you use the information for educational purposes you will not be sued for using it (always try to cite your sources thoroughly!) The problem may be more an “Academic” one rather than a legal one. Plagiarism is a great way to get zero on a project and get on a school or university’s black list. If you swipe information and use it without an attribution, you could be in trouble. However, if you DO give a reference for the main source of the info, the indirect source (i.e. the associated content) doesn’t count and in terms of plagiarism, you are on safe ground.

  11. I may have found something that is copyright infringement on associated content… What exactly happens if it’s reported?. Does associated content nail down on the writer? Or is the content simply removed?. Is the writer charged with criminal offenses?. Thanks..

  12. how do i check the reliability of a scholarly journal for an annotated bibliography?

    HI worm fan(?) Mr. Keogh here … this is a good question and sounds like it comes from a student taking HSP3U.
    On the YMwiki page for your course there is a file that gives a good example of an annotation
    and another file that shows how to check reliability and validity.
    You could navigate there yourself .. or click this HSP3U link

    and scroll down to Assignment #2.

  13. Hi There,
    Sorry for the inconvenience but EBSCO’s password changed to the same as Knowledge Ontario – just use that word for both the user-name and password.
    Mr. Keogh

  14. is it just me or is EBSO not working?

  15. Seriously sorry!
    Accessscience was temporarily disconnected due to an error on the part of the publisher. It is up and running again now!

  16. HI I’m sorry I can’t read cyrillic script very well and my Slavic languages were never very good. If you want to post to this site, please use English, French, Spanish, Italian or Korean. Thanks! – Spacebo!

  17. Hi there,
    The reports should all be full text if you checked off the full text box. Did you go in through the Library page? Did you input the correct password? Hope this helps!

  18. Well, I can’t exactly post the passwords here … but I can send you an email with the Accessscience password. Remember, there are one or two passwords that we use a lot.

  19. What is the username and password, for the mcgraw-fill accessscience website?? I dont have my agenda with me..

  20. I was on Greeners, for all the reports I found on there are all abstracts. News, articles and the others were fine.

    Is there any way I can get the non-abstract reports without purchasing them?

  21. The link is fixed now, thanks!

  22. FYI, the “How to Create Search Alerts & RSS Feeds in Gale databases” link is broken.

  23. The link has been fixed!

  24. what has happened to the literature resource centre link? when i enter my password, it leads me to GREENR.

  25. The pasword and username changed after your agendas were printed. To see the new username and password, please pick up a copy of the library brochure at the entrance to the library. Thanks.

  26. What is the username for pages of the past?
    I don’t think you needed one last year though.

  27. GREENR was published after your agendas were printed. USE the same password as for AccessScience.

  28. Where can you find the password for the GREENR database? I couldnt find it in the agenda.

  29. i can’t seem to get into the toronto star pages of the past. the problem is that it requires a username while in our agenda, there is no username provided. could you help me out?


  31. Of course! Check all the #800’s in the Reference section.

  32. do you have reference collection in literature?

  33. All of the books in the #800 range cover literature, plus on the library databases page, you will find the Literature Resource Center covering all the major literary journals and magazines. We have a new database this year, Books and Authors, that allows you to search for titles by plot, character, setting, etc.

  34. what literary sources are in the library?

  35. i love booooooksss

  36. Hi Suraya,
    I would suggest 2 Reference books. The Timetables of Science 509 HEL will give you the historical events that were happening during Avogadro’s lifetime. Look up the years you want and you will find what was happening generally in those years, plus what was happening in anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, math, medicine, physics and technology. Science and Its Times 509 SCI is an 8-volume encyclopedia that discussed the social significance of scientific discoveries. Look up Avogadro in the index and you’ll find he is in Vol 5, 461-462.
    If you are at home, you may consult Science and its Times electronically. On the databases page, click the Virtual Reference Library (ebooks) link and use the password in your agenda, p. 13. It is one of our e-books.

  37. I have to do a chemistry project on the world events (scientific and otherwise) that occurred during the lifetime of Amedeo Avogadro (mid 1700s – mid 1800s). Any suggestions as to what resources I should use? I tried to use Grolier, but it didn’t help much.

  38. Hi Emily,
    To access any of our databases, you must enter from the library databases page. You cannot google the database and enter. On our library databases page, click the database you want and at the prompt, enter the username and password from your agenda. This will take you into the database. There are different passwords for each group of databases. If you are still having trouble, see me in the library on Monday. I just checked them and they are all working fine.

  39. i was just going through the resources on the page from my computer at home, and when i put in the user name and password i found in my agenda and it wouldn’t let me access the sites. how do i access them?

  40. HI Fabi,
    The password for Career Cruising is in your agenda, on page 12.

  41. Hi,
    Could I have the password for carreer cruising ?

  42. Hi there,
    The Naxos passsword is the same as the Knowledge Ontario databases password. See your agenda, p. 12.

  43. how does one log into naxos music library? , is it a school library card or toronto public card?

  44. do u have a biography on John Lennon

  45. Hi Sunny,
    You must go in from the school library databases page, NOT from Google, or the password (agenda, p. 12) won’t work.

  46. when I clicked on the pages of the past link from my home computer, it asked me for a proquest ID, so how can I get in?

  47. The address is The username & PW are in the library brochure by the exit gates.

  48. How do you get into career cruising

  49. Wow, this is great that you guys have this forum going! I stumbled upon the library website and I am impressed at the progress since I was at York Mills.

  50. Hi Rachel,
    Of course. You must log in via the school library databases page. The password is in your agenda, page 12.

  51. can we access the Toronto Star Pages of the Past from home?

  52. Hi Eunice,
    The link does work. YMCI just tried it. You may have to try twice. Sometimes the server is a little slow.

  53. how come the Toronto star pages of the past link didn’t work?

  54. L:iterature Resource Center password is in your agenda, page 12

  55. What’s the password for “Literature Resource Centre (Gale)” site?

  56. theguyunderatree

    Video games would be great as well, but what I would hope to find are movie concept art books. To be precise, Lord of the Rings. With such epic scales of character and world designs, it truly is worth reading. (so are video games, which are even more distinct in themes) Thanks for your answer.

  57. To: guy under a tree. If you mean books dealing with art for video games, no; however, the library does have books dealing with manga art and some books on the art of graphic novelists like Neil Gaiman. Suggest a title for the library to buy!

  58. theguyunderatree

    I like books… and cookies.

    btw, are there any concept artbooks at the school library?

  59. I agree with Armin H

  60. I like books

  61. Hi R,
    Check your agenda, page 14, for passwords.

  62. Could you tell me the username and password for career cruising? Thanks

  63. You can watch soccer any day after school, after 3 p.m.

  64. Can we watch soccer in library everyday?

  65. The school does not have a Britannica subscription, but we do have the most recent edition of Britannica in print form.

  66. Hi i was wondering if the school has a Britannica username and if not, why not???

  67. No books, but if you do a power search in Knowledge Ontario (search all its databases at once), you will find 1026 news articles on cricket in Bangladesh. Most of these articles are from the United News of Bangladesh. You can also read the Bangladeshi newspapers online at

  68. do you have any books on bangladesh cricket?! theyre sooo good! love bengali everything!

  69. For the Slave Trade in North America, look in # 306.362 (social issues) and in#973.0496 (history). Check out the same numbers in Reference. There you’ll find the new Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History.

  70. Im looking for books on the Black Slave trade in America… what section is it in?

  71. Dear Ms. McEntyre,
    For books on Sri Lanka and Pakistan, try 954 in History and 915.4 in Geography.

  72. Hi Bob,
    Yes, the password has changed. Pick up a copy of the new brochure at the library desk.

  73. i cant seem to get into the pages of the past database with the passwords in teh agenda. has it changed?

  74. Reba Mcentyre

    Hello. I was wondering where I could find books on Sri Lanka and Pakistan. I was interested in going there.

  75. Hi Sarah,
    Check your email.

  76. what is the username and password for pages of the past?

  77. The password for the Literature Resource Center is the Gale password, located on page 14 of your agenda.

  78. What is the password for the Literature Resource Center? I was not able to locate it in the student agenda.

  79. Sherry –
    Yes, you can be a research diva! Wow your profs! Just keep those passwords!
    Divas of the World Unite!

  80. Dear Lebron,
    A hoopster like you should know all the passwords! Log in to AccessScience in the upper left-hand corner of the login page. The password is in your student agenda.

  81. hi!
    the york mills page is great! you’ve helped me with so many of my projects. the research options are just unbelievable. i can’t wrap my brain around it. when i go to university, will i be able to use these magnificent research banks? i’m nervous, what will i do without the douglas scott page. please answer my questions, put me out of my misery.



  82. Lebron James


  83. Hi Shaquille,
    You may take out 6 books on any one topic.

  84. What is the maximum amount of books I may take out of the library?

  85. Hi Gabriel,
    You’ll find anatomy books in the #611 range.

  86. I was just wondering if there are any books on anatomy because I have a science project on it.

  87. Hi Carole,
    You’re supposed to enter the Knowledge Ontario password (this is a new password). Look for it in the Library information brochure at the library exit or ask a teacher-librarian.

  88. Uhh, what am I supposed to enter in the Knowledge Ontario Databases when it asks me for the “library ID, barcode, or other ID”?

  89. Hi Kim,
    First, on the databases page (above), click Knowledge Ontario databases. You will see a list of databases. If you are looking for scholarly journals, I recommend that you look in the Academic OneFile database. Click the name of this database to enter it and then do either a subject or a keyword search for your term(s). Remember to limit your search to peer reviewed journals. If you are doing this from home, you will need to enter the password for the Knowledge Ontario group of databases. Ask a teacher-librarian or look in the brochure at the library exit for this password.

    Second, under TDSB databases (above), click EBSCO and search in the Academic Premier database.

    Third, E-library can also be searched by limiting to scholarly journals. Check off that box when you search.

  90. Where in the online library resources can I find journals since nothing came up when I searched under that category?

  91. Hi Rachel,
    The Encyclopedia of Sociology is a Knowledge Ontario E-book. That uses a new password. Our old Gale password is only used for Literature Resource Centre and Opposing Viewpoints.
    Check your e-mail for the Knowledge Ontario password.

  92. The password for the Gale databases aren’t working, and I need access to the Encyclopedia of Sociology for English. Are the passwords updated, or is it that I cannot access it through a home computer?

  93. Hi there,
    Check the password in the library brochure by the door of the library or ask a teacher-librarian. It worked just fine for me.

  94. How come the password for knowledge ontario database doesnt work? plz help asap!

  95. Hi Christine,
    The Academic ASAP database is one of the Knowledge Ontario databases. Click Knowledge Ontario and then enter the password. At home, you always need to enter a password.

  96. hi why can i not enter the ASAP databases from my home computer ?pls help asap!

  97. Hi Pedro,
    If you have forgotten a password, ask a teacher-librarian or pick up a library brochure at the main desk. Passwords are also in your student agenda.

  98. Hi Jible,
    The library is open from 8:15 a.m. ’til 4 p.m. every day, although it usually closes later than that.

  99. Hi Jamal,
    Our library has 21,000 books, 45 magazine subscriptions, 4 daily newspaper subscriptions, 40 online database subscriptions, and some e-books. We have resources in French as well as in English and there are 60 computers for student use.

  100. what do we do if we have forgotten the password for knowledge Ontario data

  101. What hours is the library open?

  102. What is your range of resources in the library

  103. Hi Tyrone,
    #932 for ancient Egypt. #962 for modern Egypt.

  104. What section can i find books on egypt?

  105. Hi Muriel,
    You would need a Master’s degree in Information Science to become a librarian.

  106. What sort of academics are required for one to become a librarian. I want to know because i am interested in becoming one

  107. Hi Gordon,
    School libraries support the school’s curriculum. Although rocketry is not taught at York Mills, you will find information on rockets in our print (Britannica, World Book) encyclopedias and in our online science encyclopedias (AccessScience, Knowledge Ontario databases). Ask a teacher-librarian for the passwords for remote access.

  108. What is the range of selection of books you have in your YMCI library?

    Would it include anything on the subject of rocket ships?


  109. The library is located across the courtyard from the Guidance department, on the north side of the school.

  110. Where is the library located in the school?

  111. YMCI tried the links. They work just fine. Please remember to use the password found in your student agenda.

  112. how come the Literary Resource Centre and the Opposing Viewpoints link doesn’t work?

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