Tech Talk for 2014

Favourite Online Education Resources & Blogs:

Please choose one of these and explore. I’ve sent you all an email with these links and posted them here on the teacher page of our school site.


Ed Tech Teacher


Webblogged (now @ Will Richardson)

Or find one of your own atone of these annotated lists:





Tech  Talk 1.0

October is Connected Educators Month

Is that just the buzz word of the month?

Here are my current favourite sites to connect, encourage and inspire …

1. http://edtechteacher.org/

Try –  Tools for teachers –

Great curriculum links for Math and Science and Great Web Tools

Which of these might apply to you?

I want my students to create web based mind maps / graphic organizers.

I want my students to publish their writing online for others to read.

I want my students to search and evaluate web sites.

I want to connect my students to other students around the world.

I want my students to create online portfolios.

I want my students to create books, magazines, posters, or newsletters online.

I want to use an interactive whiteboard effectively with my students.

I want to create tests, quizzes, and games online.

I want my students to organize, bookmark and edit their research online.

I want to find or create rubrics for multimedia projects.

I want to connect to other teachers to share ideas and resources.

2. http://www.edudemic.com/    It’s Just Cool !

Start at Home

Try  The Teacher’s Guides

For Teachers  –  How To …


ASCD Education e-Books

Finding Dulcinea.com –  Teacher resources, lesson plans by subject & more!


Connecting Education Roger Nevin & Cynthia Sargeant’s wonderful page outlining 21st century tools for educators with lots of video examples.



Beyond Google – strategies – R. Byrne


TDSB Professional Library Blog

Margaret Wilson Professional Library (OCT)

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