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  1. Sorry I didn’t reply in time. I was on holiday on another continent over the summer. If you still need info. post here and I will help. Have a great year!

  2. what math text book is used in grade 11?

  3. YEY databases!!

  4. yo diz a sik wiki dawg. ya dunknooo

  5. Sina Niknejad

    This page is gr8 dude! keep it 1hunna!

  6. Hey! Great Site, helps me find sweet and resourceful articles as fast as a jet!

  7. hey mr keough!!! how’s it going?

  8. Well I guess there is always more work to be done! 🙂

  9. Hi Sean,

    This is a question for a Guidance Counsellor.


  10. Hi Juyeon, The idea of YM Reads is to get you reading for pleasure, exercising your brain and developing a good habit. We would like you to be reading books that aren’t on the curriculum – books you choose and books you love. Research has proven time and again that reading leads to higher math scores, greater success at university, and even higher earnings in life. Of course, individual teachers have the right to decide what goes on in their classrooms but be nice to teachers who allow you to study during YM Reads. Maybe they are just too tired to enforce the rules.

    If you haven’t found a book that is so great that you can’t put it down, come and see me in the Library!


    Mr. Keogh

  11. Hi Mavro,
    College or University? Finish High School First! A few years ago my Careers class calculated that finishing High School would bring in at least $600,000.00 in extra earnings over the course of your career. This was a very conservative estimate! That figure is repeated if you finish University, i.e. another 600,000 on top. That makes 1.2 million for completing your education, and you didn’t even have to buy a lottery ticket. Now, we didn’t look at the difference between College and University, so I can’t give you a number there, but I would guess that college grads might make around 20% less on average than University grads. That would make $475,000 beyond a High School grad’s wage. But if you think about it, an extra $600,000 for 4 years at university means 150,000 per year! That’s an amazing salary!

    And if you want to know what I make – Go Google it!


    Mr. Keogh

  12. So I go to college or University? What’s the difference? How much will I get paid? How much do you get paid? 🙂

  13. hi, are we allowed to study quietly during the ym reads? because some teachers allow us to study (as long as we’re quiet) and some teachers demand that we do nothing but read. thanks

  14. I’m interested in applying to medical school but I’m wondering the procedure it requires? So after high school you head to university or college and earn a major in a field while having at least 1 year of biology, chemistry, physics and some other courses, then you apply for medical school? Also, are ALL grade 11 sciences required to go on this path or are university courses only looked at?

  15. Thank you for helping me with my English better.

  16. Hi Mavro, In the TDSB, all Librarians are Teacher-Librarians. In other words, we are subject teachers who took extra qualifications and Librarianship training. Other school boards hire Media-Specialsts or Library Technicians to run the Library and those people have a College certificate. To be a head Librarian in the Toronto Public Library I think you need an MLS or Master’s of Library Science which I don’t have. I guess I am a master Librarian without a Master’s Degree. Cheers Mr. Keogh

  17. Hey, I’ve been working at McDonald’s all of my life and I’m trying to make my life easier, so what prerequisites do I need to become a librarian, do I still need a high school diploma? I need the advice from a master librarian and I couldn’t have thought of anyone better than yourself. 😉

  18. Thanks Nathan. I wish you the best of luck too. Lets go Titans

  19. Nathan. J. Ingham

    I wish everybody at the volleyball tryouts make it. You guys are all better than me. Lets Go YM. I love this Wiki

  20. We have lots of books about soccer (796.2) about soccer skills, players, coaching tips and more.

  21. Orestis Ilias

    do you have any books on soccer? im trying to step my game up to represent my country (Macedonia) in the Euro Cup =D

  22. Jenny Talwats

    YM wik never fails to save my life! thanks Titans!

  23. YM Wiki isn’t that! good, like, come on guys chill

  24. Brian Linaksitatatata

    i wanna marry this site

  25. If this wiki was a Fire Emblem character, it’d be Seth.

  26. yolo the motto

    use wiki, you only live once

  27. Try If Cats Could Talk – Call no. 636.8 ELK.
    That’s right next to the information about dogs, Grrr!

  28. where can i find information about cats? meow.

  29. if this wiki was a banana, it would be a good banana.

  30. Jenny Talwart

    This site beats google by far!!!

  31. Drew Peecok

    This website has saved my life!!!

  32. yeeee

  33. I love YM Wiki and everybody here and Justin Jo is better than me at basketball

  34. preetayy sick site =D lolololololol

  35. In the spirit of the TDSB’s dedication to equity I suppose you are right. We should make our fish tank available to reptiles too. Do you know any homeless turtles?

  36. Yo guy, I ❤ YM and their WIKI!! Everyone here's amazing in soccer too 🙂

  37. Thanks to YM Wiki my eyesight was restored!!!

  38. i like turtles. Why aren’t there any turtles in your fish tank.

  39. Thanks to YM Wiki my eye sight was restored!

  40. Alexia Sterhiou

    please like the picture not the link ❤ orrrr

  41. this site is awesome and sick

  42. Joaquin Sanchez

    Greetings Fellow Classmates! I am very pleased with this websource. It has come to my aide many more times than i could say peas in a pot of 6 dimes. I know that doesnt make any sense, but you know, Im still riding on a horse. Good Job!

  43. I love this site!

  44. you’re weird.

  45. Me and my friend Matt really love how this site is set up. The composition of this site is incredible. I really appreciate the tools and such. My friend Quinn broke his arm today and really appreciated this site because it is hard for him to type. I like how there is barely any jargon and such nonsense. No adds and popups. Very well done Yorkmills.

    your friendly neighbourhood reader

  46. I like this alot

  47. This place has actually saved my buttttttt thank youu

  48. Berry gud

  49. YM wiki is a god.


  51. i love this website!
    they need to have more links for videos!

  52. Baba Ganouche

    I like ym wiki. I come from overseas and like it here.
    This school is safe and fun.
    Does the library have any books on mouse trap racing?

  53. This website is good.

  54. Well Hoops,
    You can find all sorts of mythology and fairy tales at our Library.
    Check out 398.2 on the shelves or ask Mr. keogh or a Library Helper.
    Happy page turning!

    Mr. Keogh

  55. I enjoy reading books on fairytales. Whereabouts would I find a book on a story such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty

  56. An RSS feed is a “feed” of blog entries or newspaper articles. Everytime a new post is added, it is added to a blog. I have taken the feed from the guidance blog and pasted it on the front page of the school website. You can click an article and read it without having to go to the gidance website. RSS stands for “really simple syndication”., The web uses the orange square with the three diagonal white lines inside to indicate the presence of an RSS feed. You can copy and paste the location from the orange symbol into your Google reader, for instance, if you want to subscribe to a feed. Check the Web 2.0 page of the library website for further info.

  57. What exactly is an rss feed?

  58. Hi Jon,
    You will hear an annoncement from Guidance very soon about the university and college application process. Watch the Guidance website also. The rss feed is on the front page of the school website. 🙂

  59. I was wondering when Grade 12 students apply for university. Is it after 1st semester or after second semester.

  60. Believe it or not, we’re too busy to plant fake comments! All comments are from students. We delete only comments that are truly silly or profane.

  61. I’m not going to discredit the use of the YM Wiki since it actually has a decent amount of information. However, is it not possible that most of these comments are planted as some form of propaganda to try to promote the library? Seriously some of these comments are just so unrealistic I’m having a hard time believing they are authentic.They read like what adults THINK teenagers talk like. Just as a note to the YM Wiki you don’t need those comments we have to use it anyway.


  63. Of course! Check #780’s and #781’s in circulating collection and the Reference collection. Ask a teacher-librarian for help.

  64. does the library have any books relating to music and/or theory?

  65. im akmed, this school has been a safe place for me away from my home country of Afganistan.
    I love York Mills and the library is cool
    gooooooooo titans go

  66. hi i enjoy reading and things to do with books

  67. Hi Kaity,
    No. Our school does not play lacrosse. If you go to http://archives.cbc.ca you will find radio and TV clips of Canadian lacrosse history. Likewise, http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com will give you the history of the game and some of our Canadian players. Googling will give you instructions plus videos on the game.

  68. Hi Library, Do you have any books on lacrosse? If so what section would i find them?

  69. YM Wiki is the York Mills Library page where we post resources to help you with your assignments. Resources are posted by department on your course page.

  70. who’s ym wiki?

  71. Hi Harly, Yes, there is. Click our “Research” page on this site. You’ll find the TDSB’s MLA and APA guides right at the top of the page! Also, I’ve just added those links to the navigation menu on the Wiki.

  72. Is there a way that i can find the green citations book online?

  73. Hi Mike, You’ll find anatomy books in the #611 section.

  74. does the library have any specific books on the human anatomy???

  75. this web page is wicked man i love this school man lets goooo york mills

  76. This is awsome

  77. I LOVE YM WIKI!!!!! It Is Awesome. It is a great resource. ROBERT V

  78. !!!!!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. The Titan approves of this wiki.

  80. I loved this site, it helped me find whatever i need. I would just like to thank the excellent librairians for all their help and expertise. Good Luck in the future and GOOOOOOO TITANS

  81. This is da bomb!

  82. the hossinator

    the YM wiki is deluxe

  83. i agree totally omeed

  84. ym wiki ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

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